About Us

Kinetxx, Inc. is a Digital Healthcare Company headquartered in Cambridge, MA partnered with leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and Physical Therapists to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction for the Physical Therapy market.

Our Team

Brad Galle

Brad Galle, Co-founder

Founded multiple companies in the services and enterprise space including Proxicom/ Square Earth and Aptegrity (QTS).

Kevin Ohashi

Kevin Ohashi, Co-founder

Founded multiple companies in Medtech space including Cayenne Medical (SportsMed), nContact (AFib), and MVT.

Mark Stott

Mark Stott, Co-founder

Founded Paragon Imaging in the defense industry and subsequently sold it to a private equity fund.

Dr. Heber Crockett

Dr. Heber Crockett, Clinical Advisor

Sports Medicine Orthopaedic Surgeon at New West Sports Medicine, Kearney NE. Founder Cayenne Medical (SportsMed).

Dr. John Sperling

Dr. John Sperling, Clinical Advisor

Shoulder Orthopaedic Surgeon at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. Fellowship: Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC.

Dr. Anil Ranawat

Dr. Anil Ranawat, Clinical Advisor

Orthopaedic Surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, NY and assistant team physician for the NY Mets.

William Weed

William Weed, Clinical Advisor

Co-founder of New West Physical Therapy, regional 3 location clinic and co-founder of Inspire Rehabilitation which contracts PT services to 8 rural hospitals.

Dr. Timothy Bain

Dr. Timothy Bain, Clinical Advisor

Founder of Bain Complete Wellness and team chiropractor for the Tampa Bay Lightning.


Kinetxx is proud to be a member company of StartUp Health, a community of well over 100 companies transforming healthcare.